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        QS mini-type submersible pumps\ QST special submersible pumps

        QS mini-type submersible pumps\ QST special submersible pumps

        The QS well submersible pump is a pumping implement whose motor and pump machine straight league one to work into the water. The pump’s structure is compact so the pump is small in size, and the motor has good heat dissipation. This pump is suitable for using in large diameter well or large area and shallow like pool. It is mainly applicable to irrigation and drainage of the fields, the water carriage of the industrial water tower, pumping water from deep well, drainage of ship's bilge, the daily drinking water and the drainage after the rain. 

        The QST special submersible electric pump is used in the power supply voltage of 660V.

        Flow:10m3/h—300m3/h            Head:4m—120m

        Motor power:2.2kW—7.5kW   Rated voltage:380V/660V