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        CZ Series Chemical pumps

        CZ Series Chemical pumps

        The CZ chemical process pump is a horizontal single-stage single suction, radial part volute type centrifugal process pump. This product carries out  standard GB/T3215-2007and GB/T5656-2008 requirements.

        The CZ chemical process pump is suitable for conveying clean or contaminated, low-temperature or high-temperature, chemically neutral or corrosive liquids. Especially suitable for oil refinery, petrochemical, pulp and paper manufacturing , sugar industry, regional heating, flue gas desulfurization and general industrial application.

        The CZ chemical process pump is high efficiency and energy saving of chemical pump product which is developed with imported Swiss technology by our company and Shanghai Pump technology co., LTD.

        Flow:6m3/h—1700m3/h        Motor power:1.1kW—160kW

        Head:3m—140m                   Rated voltage:380V