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      1. 傳真:0473-3982670


        h r h r

        Make your dreams come true

        Committed to providing employees with good atmosphere and reasonable remuneration.
        Growing space.

        People oriented, honest, talented and fair competition.

        Social recruitment

        Formal start of large social recruitment

        Campus Recruitment

        How much responsibility a man can take
        How much stage can you have

        Talent idea

        In virtue of virtue, virtue is the first.
        Talent is suitable for the job.

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        Latest recruitment information

        • Business AssistantWuhai, Inner MongoliaSee2018-08-03
        • Business AssistantWuhai, Inner MongoliaSee2018-08-03

        Wuhu pump industry is looking forward to your joining

        address:Inner Mongolia Wuhai Economic Development Zone Haibowan Industrial Park Comprehensive Processing Area
        Telephone:3982667 3982668 3982677 3982888
        mailbox:whby1@163.com whbyxsb@163.com